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  • Leprechaun Brain Teaser
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    Eni Sejdini

    In a psychology experiment, we did a study with a paper image of leprechauns. We were given a paper with an image of 15 leprechauns and we had to cut the image into three pieces, and change the order around, only to find out that the image went from 15 leprechauns to 14. Now where did 1 of the leprechauns go? After hours of trying to figure it out I had no luck in finding the lost leprechaun I even numbered each and everyone of the leprechauns and I couldn’t find it. Some of my colleagues did find the missing leprechaun some didn’t.I believe this occured because everyone has a different view about certain things. Some see things others cant. With this experiment we got to see how different our brain work, even though we are given the same assignment to do.

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