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Communication Design
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I am studying Communiction design at City Tech
I am a very ambitious person who has been always starving for positive changes. Since I got my first iPhone, I realized that I like to take pictures of every single thing. Once I got my first camera, Canon 7D, a new horizon opened up for me. Being a tech-savvy person who has engaged in all social media platforms helps me to share my photos and experience on these platforms.
It also expands my knowledge and allows me to learn from my peers’ experiences.
One thing that is very unique about me is that I value all the living organisms, humans and animals. My best friends are my kittens, Lili and Farahat. I adopted them in my last visit to Egypt where I found out that animals are no less important than humans. I am a great supporter of animal-friendly organizations and I am working on increasing people’s awareness of animal rights.

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