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    Jonas Reitz

    We had our first student blog post today (hooray!), but I did not receive a notification email. I do receive other notifications, however (for comments and posts in the Discussion boards). Here’s a link:


    Daniel Alter

    Hey Jonas,

    I’ve brought up similar issue, whereby I wanted everyone including myself to be notified when a new post is written. It maybe added if we feel its necessity. You can prompt your students to answer or discuss the field trip on the discussion board, or begin a blog yourself and every response will notify you.



    Jonas Reitz

    Thanks Danny — these seem like reasonable workarounds for now, but going forward I would like to add my vote for notifications of new posts (I think this was standard on the Commons when we were working there last spring). Take care,


    Maura A. Smale

    Thanks Jonas and Danny for raising and discussing these points. Email notifications are built in to features of the course on the course home side of things (e.g. discussion posts), but not built in to the site side of things (e.g. new blog posts). We will add this to our wishlist moving forward, and I’ll also see if we can do some research into a workaround — we might be able to figure out a way for you and your students to subscribe to receive posts via email. You can also subscribe to an RSS feed of new posts and new comments, if that works for you. The links are usually in the Meta widget on your site sidebar.


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