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    Maria E. Bilello

    My site is set up for course management – with all of my normal course documents loaded and hopefully my powerpoints will follow. My students will be posting reflective narratives in response to culturally sensitive videos (one of which I have already embedded). I would like one of my evaluation measures to be a pre-test/post-test and if the ‘poll’ feature is added I am hoping that I can use it for this purpose. Question: Where are we explaining how we are incorporating gen ed learning objectives and SLO’s – should these objectives and outcomes appear in the syllabus?


    Shelley E Smith

    Good question about the Gen Ed objectives / SLO’s. The PI’s discussed this in some detail before the April 29 seminar and we all discussed it briefly at the seminar (with Emma Moll presenting). It should be part of the documents distributed to students at the beginning of the course (Syllabus, Course Outline, Course Objectives . . . whatever your department calls it). We will put our heads together and come up with a consistent way that we can share this component among the Fellows . . . and document it for the project. overall, which we also need to do.


    Jody R. Rosen

    Just to follow up with you, Maria, since we spoke about this last week: the steering committee for the Living Lab project is meeting tomorrow to discuss further how the work being done through the grant is being evaluated. At that meeting, I’m planning to address your question–this is very important for us to consider so that we make sure that whichever documents you submit for grant data, the Gen Ed SLOs should be visible. More soon.



    Prof. Gold

    Hi Maria,

    Just wanted to let you know that polls are enabled — but only on blogs, not on course groups. When you go to the Dashboard of your blog, you should see a poll link in the lower left corner of the admin menu. If you have any problems finding it or using the plugin, please post here or make an appointment to meet with one of our community facilitators.



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