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    Suman Ganguli

    We started going thru some of the “HW10-Expected Value” exercises today. I recommend you start with exercises #5-11.

    (For #5, the probability distribution is given to you, so calculating the expected value is staightforward, as we showed in class today. For #6-11, start by writing down the probability distribution for the random variable in question!)

    You can also do the mean (i.e., expected value) calculations for #15 & #16.

    On Wednesday we will go thru the other exercises, including the standard deviation and variance calculations.

    We will also cover binomial random variables (which we have already been discussing, in the context of flipping a coin n times), which is covered in HW11. We will go through some of those exercises on Wed also.

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    Suman Ganguli

    here is the google spreadsheet where we calculated the expected value, variance and standard deviation for HW10 #15:

    As I said in class, please complete at least #5 and #10-16 from HW10. #4 and #7-9 will be extra credit. I will discuss #1-3 in class on Monday.

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