Math 1272 Statistics, Spring 2014

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    Suman Ganguli

    As discussed in class last week, we will have Exam #2 on Monday. Here again is the list of exercises to review for the exam:

    Sec 3.2: Day 12 Handout (both examples), Day 13 Handout (Example 3); textbook exercises #20 & 23

    Sec 3.3: Day 14 Handout (Example 3), textbook exercises #14, 15 & 18

    Also Final Exam review questions #4, 10 & 11 cover Sec 3.2/3.3 material

    Sec 3.4: Final Exam Review questions #5-9, 24 & 25

    Sec 4.1: Examples 2 and 4 from the last Handout; textbook exercise 27, but just parts (a) and (b)

    I will post solutions to some of these exercises. Let me know if you questions about specific exercises.


    Suman Ganguli

    Here are solutions to some of the exercises from Sec 3.2 and 3.3. Hope you find them helpful.



    where are the solution for the probability question ?


    Suman Ganguli

    Hi Iftekher,

    Which probability question do you mean? I won’t be able to write up solutions for all the review exercises I suggested, but I can post solutions to a specific exercise that you’re working on.

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