MAT1575 Calculus II Spring 2015

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  • WebWork Log in Instructions??
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    Yaser K

    Can any body please help me about the “user name” and “password” for logging in to WebWork website? Thanks


    Han Zhou

    We were supposed to receive an e-mail telling us the username and password, but I never got it.

    I think the prof. said that both the username and password are something simple like your first initial and last name.


    Kate Poirier

    Both the username and the password for *most* students is their last name with the first letter capitalized. If your last name has any punctuation, delete it. There are only two students who have the same last name as one another…their usernames and passwords are their first initial (capitalized) follow by their last name (first letter capitalized).

    The email with these instructions was sent to the email address that Blackboard has on file for you. You should make sure you have access to that email account as soon as possible since it’s likely the address the college is using for official correspondence with you.


    Tony Zhen

    I was wondering if webwork is available for as of today because I was trying to access into my webwork account, but it didnt let me through, so I just want to know if I’m doing it wrong or the website is not available at the moment.



    Its working fine for me bro. You should try again. Make sure you go to the right class.


    Mauricio M.

    I also didn’t receive the e-mail. The e-mail I have registered on Blackboard is my CityTech address, which is forwarded to my gmail account. I had no issues when registering to OpenLab, as the verification e-mail showed up in my gmail account instantaneously.

    I’m not having issues logging on to WebWork, but I figured it was worth sharing.

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