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    Chess Vs Video Games
    research question:
    I wonder if boys that play chess intended to do better on their algebra test than boys that plays video games.
    The population is based on all the boys in three algebra classes. The independent variable in this experiment would be the time they spend playing games while the dependent variable would be their grade on the algebra test.
    Videogames are the most well known form of gaming and if you can find them in your college, then why not entertain yourself in between your class time?  If you are one of the new students, using this advantage can help you engage with others. Obviously, not everyone thinks playing video games is going to teach you anything educational. However, the use of new technology of new designs and content of educational games has taken the learning into different level. If a student failed in a class they don’t feel like a failure or they never give up on education because gaming can teach them how to never give up. Everyone has failed at the beginning of playing videogames and they become better and better after playing more. Therefore, people who play videogames get the chance of meeting new people, can entertain themselves during free time in campus, and they ca rn not to give up in their life.
    However, students that play chess tend to do much better when it comes to reading. Chess exercises the brain and helps to develop different ways in which one can solve problems.  In addition, multiple studies show that chess is also great when it comes to mathematics. A test showed that students that play chess do better when it comes to mathematical problem solving and comprehension. Chess as well gives someone the skills of having focus and concentration which can in the long run help anyone when it comes to taking test.

    Source of Data:

    Using a survey system, student from algebra 1275 (from New York City College of Technology and John Jay) will anonymously fill out a questionnaire. On this questionnaire, student will answer, how many hours do you spend playing chess or video games and what was the grade that they got on your last algebra test.


    Victor Sirelson

    Dear Group 3,

    You need a well-constructed questionnaire and a time table to give it to a sample of students.

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