MAT1372 Statistics with Probability

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    Akeeb Ali

    Group 2


    Rafi Ahmed

    We have not uploaded our question yet.



    Research Question: Which NBA Coast ( East or West ) has better basketball teams of the 2017-2018 season so far?

    Population: 1) Eastern NBA teams
    2) Western NBA teams

    Variable: 1) Player Efficiency Rating (PER).

    -(PER)=Field Goals, free throws, 3 pointers, assists, rebounds, blocks, and steals minus missed shots turn overs and personal fouls
    -PER is one number that sums of a players statistical accomplishments .


    Victor Sirelson

    Dear Group 2,

    Did you put your ideas into a good proposal?



    Guys we need to come up with a proposal over the weekend so we can have it ready by Monday’s class and start the next phase of the project, Rafi can you write on this chat what the prof wanted us to do about gathering the data between the west and east cities?


    Rafi Ahmed

    He suggested to cite the website we will use. I think we will take information from NBA.COM .
    I think he also said, we can 10 cities from Eastern teams and Western teams.
    I think we could compares those teams.


    Akeeb Ali

    Alright so it’s basically the same as before, with the same research question and population that sparky posted but we change the variable? Using the top 10 teams from the east and west and using the stats from we just need a way to compare these teams to see who are at the top. There’s a lot of different ways to do this like the most points scored, most games won(all being based on the team not individually) stuff like that, so we can make graphs of all that to show the stats. We just need to clearly state the proposal.


    Victor Sirelson

    If I understand your idea correctly, you want to compare a certain statistic for two groups of teams to see which one is higher. You can do this as a hypothesis test on the difference of the two means, where we are interested in the mean value of the statistic averaged over all of the teams in one group compared to the mean for all teams in the other group.

    How many teams are there in each group? Possibly as high as 30? or do you need to only take the top 10? More is better.

    For your proposal you can include the following analysis proposal. I will explain the details and help you set up the hypothesis test.

    The analysis will consist of:
    Finding the sample mean and sample standard deviation for each group.
    Calculating the mean and standard deviation for the difference in the two sample means, based on the two sample sizes, n1 and n2
    Developing a hypothesis test to test whether the difference of mean_1 – mean_2 is significantly different from 0
    Calculating a confidence interval for the difference of the two means
    Interpreting the results


    Akeeb Ali

    Research Question: Which NBA Coast ( East or West ) has better basketball teams of the 2017-2018 season so far?

    Population: 1) Eastern NBA teams
    2) Western NBA teams
    -Top 10 teams for both the East and West

    3) Variable- win/loss ratio
    -sample mean
    -sample standard deviation
    -hypothesis test
    -confidence interval for the difference in the two means


    Rafi Ahmed

    Team Won Lost Ratio(win/loss)
    Boston 18 4 4.5
    Detroit 13 6 2.166666667
    Cleveland 13 7 1.857142857
    Toronto 12 7 1.714285714
    Philadelphia 11 8 1.375
    Indiana 12 9 1.333333333
    Washington 10 9 1.111111111
    Miami 10 9 1.111111111
    New York 10 10 1
    Milwaukee 9 9 1

    Mean 0.6053

    Standard Deviation 0.096923
    Western conference
    Team Won Lost Ratio(win/loss)
    Houston 16 4 4
    Golden State 15 6 2.5
    San Antonio 13 7 1.857142857
    Portland 13 8 1.625
    Minnesota 12 8 1.5
    Denver 11 8 1.375
    New Orleans 11 9 1.222222222
    Utah 9 11 0.818181818
    Oklahoma City 8 11 0.727272727
    LA Clippers 8 11 0.727272727

    Mean 0.5772
    Standard deviation 0.122908096

    (Lasted scores updated by 11/29/17)
    Significance Level, α = 5%
    The mean µ1 presents the WLR (won/lost ratio) of Eastern Teams.
    The mean µ2 presents the WLR (won/lost ratios) of Western teams.

    H0 : µ1 = µ2
    H1 : first mean, µ1 > Second mean, µ2
    S = √(((〖first st.d)〗^2/(sample size,N))+((second st.d)^2/(sample size,N)))
    = √(((〖(0.096923)〗^2/10)+((0.122908096)^2/10))
    =√((0.009394 + 0.0151064 )/10)
    = 0.0494978787

    TS = (µ1 – µ2)/S
    = ( 0.6053- 0.5772)/0.0494978787
    = 0.567690679
    = 0.5677
    (Here a graph will be shown)

    From the table, z0.5 gives 1.645.
    0.5677< 1.645, it means it H0 is not rejected.
    1 – 0.7157
    = 0.2843

    P- value:
    P{z> 0.5677} = 1 – 0.71488
    = 0.28512
    To reject, H0, need α >0.285.


    Rafi Ahmed

    I do not know how to upload original document.

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