MAT1372 – Statistics – Spring 2016

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  • Final Exam Review Exercises
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    Suman Ganguli

    The final exam is this Wed, 10am.

    Below is the list of questions from the 3 midterm exams to review for the final exam. In addition to the list I gave in class today, binomial experiments/random variables will be included on the final, so I have also listed those questions below. Also listed are the spreadsheet commands you should be familiar with.

    Note that all the midterm exam solutions can be found under “Files.” For additional review, look at similar HW exercises; all the HW solutions spreadsheet links can be found under

    Exam 1:

    #1: Frequency table/histogram, relative frequencies
    #2 & #3: sample spaces, events, probabilities
    #6: correlation coefficient (=correl), linear regression (slope & y-intercept: =slope & =intercept; see also HW#3 solutions:

    Exam 2:

    #2: random variables, probability distributions, expected values
    #4: binomial random variables & binomial probabilities (=binomdist)

    Exam 3:

    #2: binomial random variables & binomial probability distributions (compare with Exam 2, #2 & #4)
    #4: normal probability distributions (=normdist)

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