MAT1372 – Statistics – Spring 2016

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  • Example Project: Description + Outline
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    Suman Ganguli

    Here is an example of the type of project description you should hand in this week (by Fri May 13):

    There is thought to be a strong relationship between financial resources and success on the field in European club football. However, this season has yielded a significant exception, with Leicester City winning the English Premier League. We will statistically examine the correlation between financial success and playing success in the English Barclays Premier League, which should show just how extraordinary Leicester’s title is.

    Specifically, we will look at the correlation between (1) monetary revenue in 2014-2015 and (2) league points. For revenue data, we use the Deloitte Money Table. We will pair this dataset with the final league table after the conclusion of the season this coming weekend. The data has been entered into this spreadsheet:

    We will first look at the frequency distribution and summary statistics of the revenue data, to look at the distribution of financial resources among Premier League clubs. We expect there to be a high standard deviation, as some clubs are very rich (high revenue) in comparison to others. We will subsequently look at the scatterplot and correlation between revenue and league points. We expect there to be a strong positive correlation, and so we will do a linear regression of league points versus revenue. But this will also allow us to identify outliers—overachievers on the field relative to their financial resources (such as Leicester City) as well as underachievers.



    Suman Ganguli

    I have been describing in class what the structure of your project paper should be. Below is an outline you can follow in writing up your project.

    Your project paper should be written in a word processing application, such as Microsoft Word or Google Docs. I have created a Google Doc in which I will write up my own project over the next couple days, so that you can see an example:


    I. Introduction (3-4 paragraphs) [you can use an updated version of the project description I asked to write last week–see my example above]

    –what the topic is, and why it is of interest
    –data used (where it was found, or how it was collected — you can include the actual dataset in an Appendix)
    –high-level description of statistical analyses you did
    –what questions you are trying to address through these analyses

    II. Statistical Analyses/Results (~2 pages)

    for at least one of the variables in your paired dataset:
    –show frequency table and histogram
    –report summary statistics: mean, median, standard deviation
    –discuss the frequency distribution and summary statistics (1-2 paragraphs)
    [note that this is similar to what I asked you to do for the Commute Time Project]

    for the paired dataset:
    –show the scatterplot, including linear regression line (linear trendline)
    –report the correlation coefficient and linear regression parameters
    –discuss correlation & features of scatterplot

    III Conclusion (1-2 paragraphs)

    –what conclusions can we draw from the statistics
    –related topics for further study/analysis

    IV. References

    –list source of data, related articles/links (as I did above under my extended project description)

    V. Appendix

    –dataset and calculations

    (The Appendix can be a printout of a spreadsheet containing the data and calculations. )


    Suman Ganguli

    Just a reminder to continue working on your project(s). Try to get them mostly done by Monday, so that you can focus on studying for the final exam.

    I’ve updated my sample project with additional text. Here is the link again:

    To get started on your writeup, I suggest you copy and paste the outline I posted above into a document, and then start filling it in with graphs and then text.

    If you are using a Google spreadsheet for your data and graphs, it is very convenient to write your report as a Google Doc, since you can easily import graphs from your spreadsheet. To do so, in your Google Doc select “Insert -> Chart -> From Sheets…” which will allow you to select your spreadsheet and then any chart in it.


    Kevin Lu

    Hello Professor,

    I have a question as to do you want our reports to be double spaced or singles spaced?

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