MAT 1475 Calculus 1, Spring 2020, Ghezzi

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    Laura Ghezzi

    Dear All,

    I would like to share information for next week.

    1) Wednesday, March 25 we have Exam 2. It will be a timed exam on WeBWorK during class time. The test will open at 12:00pm and last for 80 minutes, until 1:20pm. The remaining 20 minutes will be used for you to email all your work to me.
    For the test you can use class notes, the textbook and a graphing calculator. Any work you submit must be your own. Make sure you show all your steps.
    [In case I have questions, see discrepancies, or need clarification about your WeBWorK submission and/or your written work I will arrange a brief oral exam with you through a video conference.]

    I have prepared a practice exam for you on WeBWorK. It is open and will close on Monday at 1:40pm. We want to make sure you try it well in advance of the actual test, so that we can resolve any potential issue. I suggest that you go over the review sheet first. The practice test and the actual test consist of types of problems that were already assigned , so doing the homework is the best preparation.

    The practice exam is not part of your grade but I will consider your submission as Attendance/participation for Monday, March 23.

    2) Monday, March 23: I will send you a video conference invite before class. I will also be on the discussion platform on our OpenLab class site. We will test how it goes and I will be available to answer questions. I recommend you try to join (even though for that day attendance will be recorded upon your submission of the practice test).

    Please reply to this post to let me know that you have received and are aware of this information. Responding will be considered as “staying connected” for this week.

    Take care of yourself and your loved ones!


    Laura Ghezzi

    To clarify: For the test you will submit all your answers on WeBWorK (as you do for the homework) AND email me a picture or scanned copy of your work (since WeBWorK does not show your work).


    Marco Cores OPENLAB

    Do we send the photo or work through openlab or by email


    Laura Ghezzi

    Either way is fine



    Yes I have received this information



    Information received. Thank you.


    Rikkie Ray Garcia

    Info. received



    Information received.



    info received


    Yani acham

    Info received,
    Best Regards,


    Barbara Pierre

    Information received.


    Micaiah Davis

    Information received.


    Temi O

    Info Recieved


    Justin Esquilin

    info received!


    Juan Herrera


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