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  • Statement of Academic Integrity from the Math Department
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    Laura Ghezzi

    City Tech Math Department’s Statement On Academic Integrity

    To students:

    As defined in the Academic Integrity Policy Manual, “cheating is the unauthorized use or attempted use of material, information, notes, study aids, devices or communication during an academic exercise.”

    Examples of cheating include, but are not limited to:

    1. Talking/sharing/exchanging information during an exam, regardless if the content is related to the exam.
    2. Using an unauthorized resource (notes or electronic device) during an exam.
    3. Taking someone else’s work as one’s own, including copying answers from another student, copying solutions from the internet, or plagiarizing.
    4. Assisting someone to cheat, including allowing another student to copy one’s work or doing work for another student.

    As a general rule, the mathematics department does not allow the use of formula sheets or cell phones during a final exam. Any student in need of a calculator (when allowed) may go to the library to borrow one.

    The mathematics department takes violations of the academic integrity policy seriously. Any observed violations will be reported using the Faculty Action Report (FAR) form and may result in an academic sanction. Instructors will report any such incidents to the chair of the department.

    The college’s academic integrity policy can be found:

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