MAT 1175 – Fundamentals of Mathematics

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    Ezra Halleck

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    Prof Reitz
    Zy-Tasia Gaines
    A.)1. Does Height and weight of a person effect the time it takes to travel the total distance?
    2. Does the day of the week and the amount of traffic effect the total travel distance?
    B.) 1. The hardest part about working in a group is en-even effort, when some group members show desire to complete the task than others. So it puts a strain on the entire group and makes the work load very uneven so it is very stressful.
    2. The part I enjoyed most about the group project would be between walking the Brooklyn bridge as a class in the beginning because in this type of school setting you don’t really have time to get to learn and become acquainted with your class mates at the same time. Doing the class walk was very relaxing, fun, and in a way forces you to mingle with the people you’re going to be with for the rest of the semester.
    3. Annoyance, vengeful…again the annoyance because of the lack of effort that was put into the project, for myself i want a good grade but at the same time if it’s a group effort it shouldn’t the weight of the work should have been even. Vengeful because at the last minute being that I had the presentation and the hands on part of me wanted to not hand it in so the rest of the group would lose the grade, yet the same time wasn’t willing to put my grade on the line. Over-all regardless the project was a very good learning and preparing experience because in life and at work you can have one goal but not like the team you have to achieve it with.

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