MAT 1175 – Fundamentals of Mathematics

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  • Group 11 project Power Point file and reflection
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    Ezra Halleck

    please comment



    Omar Gani (Prof. Ritz)
    How do you convert seconds to minutes?
    How do you find average of 4 person walk to bridge?
    1) The hardest part of working with a group is compromising and trying meet together (as 4 person).
    2) I enjoy whole part of group work because we worked together and had wonderful day.
    3) The emotions I feel most strongly was stand up with group, present to all people and finish presentation.



    1. One question the project made me think about was how much weight the bridge can actually hold, and what would you use to figure it out? Another question I thought of is which materials were used in the making of the bridge and how weather resistant those materials are? The bridge is exposed to rain, snow, winds, and sea air, how is that affecting the bridge?
    2. The hardest part of working with a group was getting everyone together to do work, and staying in touch with all the members of the group. Everyone had their own schedule and lots of other work from all their other classes and had a hard time staying in touch. The most enjoyable part of working in a group was brainstorming. Lots of minds are better than one and everyone’s input was very helpful. Looking back on the project, the strongest emotion I feel is relief. I am so relieved that it is done and I can stop being stressed about getting all the group members together and getting all the work done.



    Omar Gani (group 11)
    Professor Reitz
    Section: 5148
    In Group 16
    1) They learned from the selected project that Bridge is 6,090 feet on the upper roadways from portal to portal, main span length is 1,470 feet long and Each of its four cables is 3,224 feet long. Brooklyn and Manhattan stretches for a length of 5,989 ft, about 1.8 km.
    2) I suggested that the power point slides is black and white and hard to see buildings and places. I also comment that this group didn’t do much of math or science problems.



    Kiana Gardiner
    Section 5148
    Professor Reitz
    Group #3

    A. I learned that the length of the bridge is 5,989 feet. When walking across the Brooklyn Bridge, you walk 3.88 miles per hour, by biking you go 9.59 miles per hour, and by driving, you must drive at 36.59 miles per hour.

    B. iii. power point slides- I think that the crossing times should have been labelled for each partner. I think this should have been more clear. I also think that they should have depicted where they derived their information from.

    i. Math component: I think that they should have mentioned how this could compare to the Brookly Bridge, as well as how math played an important role throughout the project. They could have explained all of those numbers and formulas in more detail. It was a little confusing.

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