LIB1201 HD50 Fall 2022

  1. Now that you have completed the research paper, discuss your preparation process in retrospect. These are some of the elements to include in your retrospective discussion: selecting and refining a research topic, formulating a search strategy, adhering to the paper outline, demystifying the peer review articles, copy editing/proofreading your paper. We will compare and contrast your responses submitted before the paper was


  • The preparation that led up to my research paper was a thorough and detailed process where I went through lots of trial and error.

    I picked a topic I was interested in and narrowed down my topic through some research.

    Then, I had gathered a bunch of potential sources that helped me further understand my topic and the different perspectives and arguments. I annotated my sources to organize my thoughts and ideas about what may be useful for my research paper.

    With the use of an outline, I was able to organize my points and give myself an idea of how to structure the research paper.

    Most of my time went into editing and proofreading my paper as this was the stage of my writing I was able to think about what changes needed to be made to have a strong research paper.

  • kim

    For the preparation of my paper I went through various topics trying to find one that I could find the most current information on, I believe I changed my topic 3 times until I finally landed on my topic for the research paper. While searching for information on my topic at times I would change the wording to refine the search and look through multiple sites such as google scholar, our city tech library, and academic search complete. Editing my paper took most of my time the professor’s comments really helped me with the editing. Making sure I stuck to my points and my thesis statement throughout the paper I did trail off in one of my paragraphs and so I did have to edit out some sentences.

  • Writing the research paper included changing my topic from the annotated bibliography, making sure that it was a topic we discussed in class, and finding reputable sources to support my position. The most difficult part for me writing this paper was finding what to write about, so I took more time than usual in researching what topic would best fit the topics discussed in class. After finding a topic, I then went over the outline requirements and created folders in my laptop to put in sources that related to what I was writing about. I used the City Tech library to find sources as well as sifting through information that I could find on Google. I made sure to make my position clear through my thesis and then using most of the body of the paper I reiterated my position. I did add a part in the paper where I held the counter argument but I then continued to emphasize on my position. Overall, I took the time to focus primarily on my topic, thesis, and supporting my argument. This helped me in organizing the sources I found which would support my stance in the paper.

    The sources that I found were relatable and I made sure to focus on where I found the source and research the person who was behind it. By doing so, I was able to determine whether it was reliable and could support my argument. After, completing my paper I submitted it, however, given the fact that Professor allowed us to resubmit I used that opportunity to revise, edit, and strengthen my argument in the paper. My strategy was to make sure that my audience understood my argument and why my topic was an important discussion.

  • I accidentally picked a topic that did not fit into our class but after fixing my thesis and redoing the paper, everything went back into place. There was a lot of trial and error, especially with my outline which I was continuously updating. I’m thankful my professor gave me more time to fix my mistakes and lead me in the right direction with my paper. Everyday I would do research and add one source to my outline so my work did not pile up on me. I organized my body paragraphs so they flowed perfectly and most of my time went into finding reliable research papers that would back up my thesis.

  • While I knew what I wanted to write about for my research paper, I found that it was too broad so I had to narrow my topic down further until I landed on my research topic. While searching for information online and in libraries, I found that it took a lot of time to read the books I checked out from the library, so I settled with online databases like peer-reviewed articles, academic journals etc. I went through multiple searches online by using sources from the City Tech library, JSTOR, Google Scholar and other online sources like documentaries and government websites. Researching and editing took a lot of time but overtime, I was able to get a sense of how my paper would be structured.

  • The preparation of my research paper is choosing a peer review sources and other article out side of citytech library that seems to relevant that tie back to my thesis question. I began the research paper is gave brief concept about of the topic. Then convince to the reader negative point of different aspects in order of why is something is dangerous? Finally proofread to make sure it meet the expectations.

  • Trial and error defined my process of the research paper, realizing what I’ve done wrong and going back and fixing my mistakes. Starting from scratch is never a bad thing. it is a chance to start fresh. research is a lot harder than it looks its to learn how to write clearly and persuasively and thinking about the truth of my argument.

  • When doing my research paper I had difficulty finding a topic that fit a “social justice issue” and what we talked about in class. Since I am not really interested in social justice issues it was impossible to find something I am passionate about. I think I had to change my topic about 4 times just to fit the criteria of the assignment. I had a lot of trouble finding good sources for my research at first, so I shifted my research and finally found some good sources. I did have to do the annotated bibliography a couple of times because it wasn’t good enough. Formulating a good thesis statement, after a week full of trial, error, and thinking I finally came up with a good thesis. However, that wasn’t good enough either so I had to redo it but eventually, I was able to shorten it down even further and finally had something acceptable. I got to say that was the hardest part of the project. Writing the actual paper was less difficult, I just introduced my sources and talked about them, and had to connect everything together. In the end, I had excess research and could not include everything so I had to leave some sources out.

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