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  • Court Observation Summary
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    Nicholas Padilla

    On November 20th, 2019, I went to the Queens Country Civil Court. The courthouse is located on Sutphin boulevard next to the Queens County Supreme Court. I walked into court and want up to the 4th floor in room 405, where cases were heard. As I walked in, I saw an array of people. I was listening in the case that was a landlord-tenant case where the Defendant owed 8,800$ to the landlord. The lady spoke Spanish and needed a Spanish translator in the case. The Defendant then stated that she has only 5,000 dollars for the plaintiff. The Judge then suggested for the Defendant to pay of the rent owed by not paying phone bills and cable bills because they can not evict her. The Judge then explained to her that if payment is not received in the next two months. She will receive a 14-day notice from the Marshall for her eviction. The Defendant began to explain why she could not do that and what effects doing that would have on her. The Judge then said the rent needs to be paid, and she may extend the 14-day notice if need be, and the case was adjourned.

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