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  • Court Observation Summary
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    Brandon Cruz

    On November 1st, I went to the Civil Court of the City of New York, Kings County which is located at 141 Livingston St, Brooklyn NY 11201. When I went to look for a trial, I had trouble finding one at first because nothing was going on but soon enough I found a lawsuit trial. The plaintiff and his attorney were in a direct examination and the plaintiff was explaining how his landlord locked him out of his apartment. The plaintiff said that the cops went to his apartment without a court order and he was threatened by one of them. He said that he had possessions in his apartment and he was asking the judge to get back access to his apartment. When the judge looked like she was about to be on the plaintiff’s side, the plaintiff mentioned that there was someone else living in his apartment and the judge said that she can’t have jurisdiction over the case unless he serves the person living in his apartment. Overall this trial was interesting because the plaintiff brought up how there was someone living in his apartment and that changed the whole outcome of the trial. I wondered if the outcome would’ve been different if the plaintiff didn’t mention that fact.

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