LAW1101-1103 IntroCivProFYLC, F2021

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LAW1101-1103 IntroCivProFYLC, F2021
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Law and Paralegal Studies
Course Code
LAW 1101 & LAW 1103
Semester / Year
Fall 2021
Course Description

LAW 1101, Introduction to Paralegal Studies, provides an overview of the legal system and the role of the legal assistant within that system. Topics include sources of law; legal terminology; operation of the court system at state and federal levels; respective roles of attorney, client and paralegal; legal ethics and the Code of Professional Responsibility, interviewing techniques; and a survey of specialized areas of law. LAW 1103, Civil Litigation and Procedure, addresses the theory and application of law and procedure in civil litigation with emphasis on New York State law. It focuses on the role of the paralegal in preparing for litigation, including an understanding of the court system, steps in the litigation process and their time lines, drafting legal documents, trial and post-trial topics, and an introduction to the use of the computer in litigation. Each course is three credits and requires CUNY proficiency in reading and writing as prerequisites. For 1101, English 1101 is corequisite; for 1103, LAW 1101 and ENG 1101 are pre- or co-requisites. These courses are part of a First Year Learning Community (FYLC), which consists of two or more courses with the same students, collaborating through various topics and assignments centered around an interdisciplinary theme. Our theme is “Legal Eagles: Learn to Fly!”

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