Court Observation!

The court observation a few weeks back was very interesting and eye-opening! As Professor Coughlin mentioned, it was definitely as if walking into a movie halfway through but overall I had a great experience. It was exciting to witness scenarios we have discussed in class and watch the lawyers in action defending actual cases. I did not expect the tension between Justices and attorneys at certain points but it makes complete sense. The Justices are hearing case after case all day, every day. If their time is being wasted, they will (and should!) make it known. It was entertaining to be able to witness a “hot bench” and watch them all interacting with each case.

Currently, in the program at City Tech, my goal is to be a paralegal rather than a lawyer. This experience did not change that much, I still think being behind the scenes is more appealing for me! Although it made me realize that if I end up being a lawyer that heads to court I will need to make sure I am as prepared as possible for the courtroom. There is no room for error!

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