Sp 2013 Introduction to Fiction

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Frequently Confused Words

Review this list to be sure you’re using the words you mean to use! Feel free to add–in alphabetical order–any […]

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Group 3 BHS

At the BHS, we looked at two documents that advertised slave runaways. 1. The first document that we looked at […]

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Group 6 Blog Post

In the first slave advertisement it is a reward of $20 to find the slave named Joe. They give a […]

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Group 5 BHS

Group 5 (Damaris Lliso, Crystal Lin, Curt Saunders, Yoshiko Nakamura, Brendon Garayua) On our recent trip to the Brooklyn Historical […]

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Glossary Index

Add your word to the alphabetized list. -A- absurd Atrocious   -B- Blasphemy   -C- coquettish   -D- Divulge -E- […]

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