International Inheritance Laws

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Inheritance Law of Dominican Republic
In the country of Dominican Republic the age to make a will is eight-teen(18) years old. You can have a attorney to help you make a will but it is not mandatory. What most families have is a generation will that is written and usually passed down from generation to generation preferably to the heirs in families. It's not something that must be done but it is a traditional thing that is done in the Dominican Republic for years now. The line of order on who can inherit is just like the United States. The only difference is instead of the spouse getting the first chance to receive  the kids are first. Then comes the parents and siblings, the grandparents, uncles and aunts, then comes the spouse, and if there's no surviving relatives then comes the state. The money gets divided equally among the members starting from the highest to the lowest, unlike the United States where we can the Elective Shares or the spouse receiving 50,000 and a half of the remaining of the money. I for one am surprised that the spouse cannot receive unless the other four options in front are deceased because you would expect for the spouse to be first in line due to marriage and etc. Since most families in the DR with step children get along like family that's irrelevant most of the time. As most would just recognize all children equally theirs and hence worth inheriting. Inheritance taxes are levied at a flat rate of 3% for properties and gift taxes are levied at a flat rate of 25%