HUS3605 Child Welfare and Family Services

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  • session5: Strained Foster Care System A 'Meter Of Our Social Problems
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    diamond grambry

    Claudia Felder was 3 years old entering foster care at that age being that she didn’t have a family to look up to or to wqtch oiver she was lost. while4 growing up she been in and out of foster care which was hard for her because all she knew was moving from house to ho9use not really knowing what a family is. a good thing was having her sister with her but the bad thing was being in houses where she was physically and sexually abused. Claudia has many nightmares of her biological mom being abused with a blurred face and that scares her. when she finally though she had a stable home at the age of 5 she was told that she had to leave when she was 10 so this was also bad for her mentally because all she wanted was someone to love her and keep her but being in foster care ruined her thought of ever finding a homke and being happy. at the age of 21 she finally was happy with her adopted parents and this changed her whole life.

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