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  • Session on Violence and Addiction: Impact on Children
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    It’s sad to see how children are our future yet people treat them so badly. People don’t realize that every thing done to a child will have a huge impact on our society. Seeing all the children having to deal with substance abuse, emotional and even physical abuse is absolutely wrong. The sad thing is that parents who end up receiving the help sometimes do it too late when it has left the children scarred.



    Violence and addiction impacting children:

    Reading this article i can see that this is a normal life style of some because some people have become desensitized , it is very sad to see these thing still going on and were going on in our world today. Violence and addiction is a real problem people try to cover up or not shine to much light on. I feel that adult act of how there child hood was developed and it affects people and there love one with actions like drinking drugs ect. Children are really affected with the things around them because they are vulnerable and the adults indicate them for the so called best intrust in some situations. THIS article brings out these outcomes that can happen throughout society.


    diamond grambry

    children who parents abuse alcohol are most likely to deal with neglect, abuse, and depression from parents. children who deal with this could begin to feel miss understood because they are lost in this situation, and don’t no who to run to for help. Parents who abuse alcohol have poor parenting skills. 12 percent of children who live in the country parents depend on drugs. This is sad because its not the kids fault, and being that they see this at a young age they could start to be suicidal or drop out of school because there so much on there mind. This could also cause a kid to run away. This article made me sad and worried for the children that are going through this in our world today.



    The article ” Parental Substance Use and the Child welfare system” talked about families that are receiving welfare are people that deal with a form of substance abuse. It says that children who has a parent or parents who abuse alcohol or drugs are most likely to experience abuse and neglect. Because of this neglect and abuse many children end up in the foster care system. For example in the article it says 61 percent of infants and 41 percent of older children are in and out of the foster care system due to having families dealing with substance abuse. In the article it says that ” Washington State’s King County Family Treatment Court was designed to improve the safety and well-being of children in child welfare by providing parents with access to drug and alcohol treatment, judicial monitoring, and
    individualized services.” I feel that this treatment is good way to deal with substance abuse. As said in the article “children in the
    family treatment court group spent less time in out-of-home care and were more likely to permanently reunite with their parents” and I believe the goal should always be to keep families together as much as possible.

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