HUS3605 Child Welfare and Family Services

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  • Session 5: How To Recognize Child Abuse and Neglect
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    Sandra Jusme

    Hitting your children is not the way to get them to correct themselves. I do feel as though that as a parent you should set boundaries. Abusing your child or hitting them is not the right way. I have seen kids that came to school with marks on their bodies, and once the teacher see that they would have to take the child to the office, and report that. As a parent you should know when to speak to your child about what wrongs they are doing. Child Neglect also plays a big part. A child needs his/her parents. They need that little attention. Turning your back on your kid is crazy. They notice the little things. Once they need to talk, and you just turn your back that is neglecting them. -SJ



    How to recognize Child Abuse and Neglect: When it comes to child abuse, I believe that they are better ways to educate our childrens, because the majority of the parents things that by hitting their childrens they are going to change, but in reality by doing this they going to behave worst than their were before. But as parents, we have to keep in mind that child abuse is not only physically is also mentally and emotionally, so we have to be very careful with the way we talk, action and what we are going to say, because that can result in many psychological and health issues, for example depression. In addition to this, is very important that we learn to talk to our childrens because they deserve to be listen, as well is important to create boundaries with them. Some parents neglect their childrens, without knowing that is important to pay attention to everything, including that is around them, such as, friends, neighbors, school, outside activities, etc everything counts.

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