HUS3605 Child Welfare and Family Services

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  • Session 1 History of Child Welfare in the US
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    In reference to the Video ASTOR SERVICES, I was very impressed with this organization. I like the fact that they are community-based, so there can be a multiple range of resources for children and families. When it comes to a child’s behavioral and emotional health, its so very important to identify these areas early and seeing that Astor Services provide early childhood, Special Education, and community behavioral Health services to these families, I think this is very good. Astor services stated that they strive to do all they can so that ALL children can have a happy, healthy childhood, and I find that to be a wonderful goal to strive for.



    The Orphan Train
    The Orphan Train seemed like a horrible idea to transport children to an unfamiliar place to be put on display to be chosen for adoption by families that sometime abused, neglected tortured or even defile these kids. fortunately not all the kids were abused but some were. although these unfortunate situations did occur, it seemed like it was a better choice to try and find families for them then to allow the kids to live on the streets due to the orphanage being overcrowded.

    Astor Services
    some of the goals of the program mentioned on the video immediately had me fond of the program because it can surely benefits kids. They work on helping every child get a childhood, help them fulfill their dream and reach their full potential and grow as well as learn to express themselves in ways that would be socially acceptable. this may not seem like its necessary but it is key towards helping kids that have issues from serious behavioral problems to to being extremely shy and burst out crying for no apparent reason. those are the issues the two kids they discussed on the video and Astor services successfully help the kids and changed their behavior issues. so often kids are thrown in special education classes which seem to add to their problem when all they need is this is the kind of program that can solve their issues.


    Tiante Benjamin

    1)Astor services-I read the impact that Astor services for children and families had on families and the impact, they serve thousands of families and truly make a difference in their lives. The families seemed really grateful and genuinely appreciated of the services that astor provided them and the difference is that they made in their lives.

    2)Cross cultural skills- Cross skills is something that is extremely imperative in the human services field, having the knowledge and ability to understand the way that different actions and words are perceived amongst a variety of cultures can essentially make or break your career and the connection that you have with your client. While some actions may be seen as typical in some cultures and as a big issue in other cultures having this awareness is an advantage because if you unintentionally do something that is seen as offensive or disrespectful to a specific culture you are more likely to be met with resistance or aggression from your client which will make it difficult for you to aid your client in which ever way you are attempting to work with them.



    The Astor organization seems like a very wonderful, helpful organization. As I watched the video I wondered why there are not more services like this available for those who need them. To me this organization acts as a foundation for children and their families. If you have an organization that supports, you it makes all different transitions go a lot more smoothly and efficient.

    The Mary Ellen story makes me truly wonder about society and how we view child abuse. I find it appalling that parents can treat their children the way Mary Ellen was treated. It is amazing how animals were put to higher living standards then children. I only say that because animals had rights that children didn’t have. In the end it may be because abuse against children wasn’t brought into the light. In the end the idea behind this story allows for awareness to be brought to child abuse and neglect.

    Cross cultural skills are very important when working in the human service field. You need to be able to help people and guide them in a way that doesn’t disrespect who they are, and the things they believe in. You need to be competent of religions, genders, and sexuality’s, you work with. People are very complex and you have to gain knowledge to make sure you don’t offend the people you are trying to help.



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    Orphan Train

    Charles L Brace wanted to place children in homes throughout the West in hopes this would be a solution to overcrowding. Some children received loving homes and others faced abuse and neglect. The Orphan Train united 250,000 orphans to families across America.

    Mary Ellen Wilson

    This was a very sad and “bone chilling” video especially to hear the child’s voice telling the horrific details of her what her daily life is like. Mary’s bed was a carpet, and she was whipped everyday. The breaking point of the video when she mentioned that “there was no memory of affection”. Finally, Mary was rescued by Henry Berg with information from Etta Angell Wheeler, I thought yes!!! I think the best part of the video was to hear that Mary had two daughters of her own. Mary and her daughters all died at the age of 91, wow….

    The Astor Organization (Services for Children and Families)

    I think this is a good organization. The people in the video seem caring and dedicated to the success of the children. I noticed that they work with children on a long term basis if necessary. Being present throughout a child’s life is key to this organization.



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    Cross Cul­tural Skills are im­por­tant and nec­es­sary in the human ser­vice field. It al­lows the clin­i­cians to build a re­la­tion­ship with their client. Learn­ing about other com­mu­ni­ties and know­ing the dif­fer­ences within the cul­tural back­grounds helps to pro­vide bet­ter re­sources to help the client.

    The Child Wel­fare Sys­tem chart cov­ers dif­fer­ent out­comes for the child. It shows the process of the sys­tem and how the child’s sit­u­a­tion is as­sessed.

    Stats- I no­ticed the screened in re­fer­rals where high verses the screened out and there were no stats listed for New York.


    Khoury Archibald

    The Astor Services video showed the good a human services organization can do. A program that is dedicated to it’s mission of helping children with mental health problems can be a big help to a struggling family and the kind words of the families in the videos shows their gratefulness to the organization.

    The Mary Ellen Wilson video is a case of how poor parenting can hamper a child’s development and future behavior and social skills. Mary’s story shows how child abuse negatively impacts children and how at the time there were no measures to prevent or report such issues.

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