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    Last week we had a tour at Del Posto, a fine dining restaurant located in the lower Manhattan next to the Hudson River, and near to Chelsea Market and the Highline, the longest line in NYC. This area is a great place to open a restaurant. Mario Batali & CO were so fortunate to find that location especially in NYC where huge space is quite challenging. When I arrived in front of the restaurant I didn’t think it was big.
    Dana alumni at Citytech was so kind to be one of our guide. The first place she showed us was the Kitchen, this kind of introduce us to what a fine dining place looks like. Almost all employees were in business attire except for the cooks. The kitchen was very clean, but what caught my attention was the fact that employees were cautiously putting white on each service area, when we asked Dana why they were doing this practice she said it was for cleansing purposes. Unfortunately, we only visited one spot in the kitchen.
    After Dana gave us a lot of information how Del Posto Runs, we had Thomas that showed us their private rooms. Some rooms have their wine storage and the way they display the wine is very beautiful. The lighting, silverware, linen, chairs, and the glasses at the restaurant really reflecting the beauty of a fine dining restaurant.
    In brief, our visit at Del Posto was very instructive and we were exposed to a luxury restaurant for a few hours.

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