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  • Brooklyn bridge cafe
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    Courtney Sivillo

    Before visiting this cafe, I did not know anything about. I’ve seen it before from looking outside the school windows, but never actually visited it because I usually research places before I go in and for some reason this restaurant just does not show up much on the internet. They do have a Facebook page, but it hasn’t had even on that page the last post was in July. I never see anyone in the restaurant, so I never knew it was actually opened for business. For the area though, I think it’s a perfect location because of the courts and the schools. However, it is on the corner at the very end of the bridge, which could explain why people don’t pass by there much. I think it possibly had curbside delivery since there’s a lot of car traffic, then maybe it would be a little busier. Also, if it gave out coupons or flyers to the college or local newspaper, then more people would hear about it and spread the word about the restaurant.

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