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My academic experience has been great so far. I have received my A.S. (Associate in Science) degree for Business Administration. However, my academic goals now are to finish my Bachelor’s degree in Hospitality Management. My personal interests that have led me towards this goal is my passion for baking. I want to be able to brighten up anyone’s day with the art of pastries. My career experience has consisted of the restaurant business for the last seven years, but each generation in my family has owned a restaurant of their own. The career goals I have are to open up my own bakery and send it traveling. My personal strengths that may contribute to accomplishing these goals are being determined, conscientious, and punctuality. These strengths have all made me who I am today and made realize what I want to accomplish in my future.

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FIRST YEAR LEARNING COMMUNITY fall 2015: ”The Art of Food” HMGT 1203 or 1204 + ARTH1100

FIRST YEAR LEARNING COMMUNITY fall 2015: ”The Art of Food” HMGT 1203 or 1204 + ARTH1100

“The Art of Food” is a Learning Community students in Prof Garcelon’s Culinary I (Weds AM section), Prof Jacus’s Baking & Pastry I (Weds AM section), and Prof Cheng’s History of Photography (Mon section) classes. This learning community explores the “art” in the culinary arts. Can we look at food in aesthetic terms of art, beauty, and taste? Can we appreciate food like a work of art? Our learning community is comprised of first-year Hospitality students in Culinary Arts I or Baking and Pastry I, join together in the History of Photography with a focus and a lens on food as art. Increase the scope of your learning by enrolling in this exciting and ground breaking learning community. Meet and work with …… Connect with faculty across disciplines. Discover the interconnectedness of disciplines within the college and the worlds you will work in. Gain a new ‘lens’ from which to view your chosen course of study!



An overview of restaurant concepts, core values and standard operating procedures including: financial controls, planning, forecasting, legal compliance, and human resources management. Current trends, marketing and operational technologies will be analyzed



An overview of the history, likely directions and organizational structure of the hospitality industry and its role in local, national and global economies. Students are introduced to the nature and scope of the hospitality industry, basic terminology, management concepts, career path explorations and the department’s mission and culture.

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