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  • Study Guide, Wines of France, updated for spring 2014
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    Prof. Karen Goodlad

    In preparation for the exam on French wine, please focus on the following topics. Ensure to use the text, class notes and the powerpoints (all sources of . The exam will be mostly fill in the blank.

    Study Suggestion:
    1) visit a wine shop and look at the wines in the French section
    2) look at restaurant wine lists
    3) TALK to people who talk about wine (a classmate, co-worker, best friend’s parents…)

    – Name the regions of France, and identify the appellations in the various regions
    —- focus on the regions discussed in class, on my power points and identified as “top regions” in your text
    – Name the grape varieties specific to each region/appellation
    – know the AOC regulations of France (i.e. what they regulate) your book explains this well
    – Identify and name the regions of France on a Map (NOT the appellations) and indicate their climate as maritime, continental, Mediterranean or varied
    – List the 5 first growth chateau of Bordeaux
    – Identify the 10 Cru Beaujolais
    – list what makes wines from Alsace unique from other French wines
    – what style of wine is made in sauternes
    – know about the relationship of grape growers to wine makers to wine marketers in Burgundy
    – know the most significant differences between wines from Northern Rhone and Southern Rhone

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