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  • Pete Wells NYTimes Restaurants review (Shoji at 69 Leonard Street)
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    To: Prof. Abreu

    From: Arisara Suparatvanit, Student

    Date: September 27, 2018

    Re: Pete Wells NYTimes Restaurants review (Shoji at 69 Leonard Street)

    Pete Wells talked about a Sushi restaurant right by TriBeCa sidewalks outside Shoji at 69 Leonard Street in this restaurants review post on September 18, 2018. Mr. Wilcox is an American chef that earned a master’s degree followed by a Ph.D. in Japanese cuisine do a study abroad

    This restaurant start with a pop up restaurant but the owner Idan Elkon decided to put the ring on the restaurant and made it a permanent restaurant and passed on to the chef until today. Pete Wells walked in with the restaurant empty with no customer not even one when there’s only 12 seats in the restaurant, Pete Wells said, “There should be no empty seats, no matter how many New Yorkers are off lolling at the beach.” Which that was a surprise. He also explains the cooking style of Mr. Wilcox, start with a thick noodles that turned out to be lengths of chilled eggplant; Mr. Wilcox had given them a cool bath in the light sauce in which icy coils of somen noodles are dipped in summer. And follow by looking at the chef cutting and tearing down the fish with a special knives for the sashimi. Follow by the next dish which tradition known as takiawase, a plate of simmered vegetables and, in this case, seafood: a small potato, some Japanese eggplant, a crisp pink ginger shoot, Pete Wells tend to say that this most flavorful piece of octopus that he had ever put in his mouth.

    This restaurant tends to be expensive compare to the other else restaurant, the bill came out to be $252 with a service included. Pete Wells said there is a shorter menu that is available at $190, or a longer one at $295, again with service included. And the cheapest items on the menu is a $12 bottle of beer.

    Overall I would like to visit this restaurant, in my imagination this restaurant is like a omakase type of Japanese restaurant which am really interesting in. But this change me to be a 50/50 decision of going because of the price of the dish, but if the dish is good enough with the price then is going to be worth it.

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