Oral Presentation Due May 21

Task: To present information about the 36 Hours… project completed for class on May 14 in a classroom setting.

Audience: Teach and students interested in travel in Brooklyn



  • Supporting material
    • Visual Aids power point presentation, handouts
    • Vibrant colors and images
    • No more than five words on a screen
    • Be specific
    • Personal point of view
    • What are the experts saying
  • Organization
    • Tell the audience what you are going to tell them
    • Provide details of to support the information
    • Summarize what you told them
  • Language
    • Opening and closing statements are vital
    • Avoid slang and casual language
  • Delivery
    • Tone, speed, fillers and silence
    • Professional attire
  • Central message
    • Visit Brooklyn
      • Persuasive, intriguing, informative

Criteria for assessment: potential to earn 5 points
(HUGE, OMG, WOW, I never did this before!!)