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    Yulkiris Martinez
    Prof karen Goodlad
    HMGT 1101
    August 30, 2018


    I am a really positive hospitable, caring, loving person who loves to travel and take care of others. I love making people happy putting a smile to their face. My first experience in this industry was in high school when I attend a college program at Monroe college. At first I wanted to be a lawyer because I like to fight for other people rights and defend the ones who cant.but I realize the all I waned is to be in the hospitality industry. Searching all these differ weird hotel was exciting.Seeing hotels in a form of an elephant and in the middle of the ocean to me is awesome fascinating I loved it. so you can imagine my dream job will be owning my own unique weird hotel. I already have a few ideas of how I want to hotel to look like and what I wan to have. I will know how to please my guest I will give them a taste of everything they wanted. My hotel is going to be one you will want to go at least once on your life it most be in your bucket list. But know gotta start working as a total manager and work my way up. I have no problem working 24/7 all day beaches this I what I want and I will enjoy doing my job plus is knowable experience in the industry and for when I one my own. I will say what makes me strong is that I am a ambitious & resilient person. I don’t give up easily and I think everything is possible with commitment , hard work and passion. I believe I was born to be great so I will not stop till I own few hotels in different countries ! Additionally I enjoy exploring different culture and what can I say I love food eating food tasting food and even tho I don’t know much about cooking anything that has to do with devious food I love.

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