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  • "Queens has more languages than anywhere in the world "
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    Yaoyao Fang


    I just want share this because I think this is awesome!!!

    ( I’m really interested in learning Spanish so I am wondering if anyone here who speaks Spanish and is interested in learning some Chinese by any chance? )



    Love this post ! Shows how beautifully diverse New York is !!



    I do speak Spanish! It’s so cool, to see the good and bad things about New York City. This one is one of the best, we even can see an example of it here in this post.!


    Jess Cifuentes

    This is very interesting. I moved to Queens from the Bronx, where the majority of people speak mostly Spanish as the second most common language, and now that I live in Queens I notice the language diversity when walking down the street, I hear Russian, Japanese, Spanish, and then we get to a store where we’re greeted in English and everyone says “Hello!”. It’s amazing and honestly I wish the rest of the country could experience this aspect of NYC, maybe things wouldn’t be such a mess right now.


    Maryam Maryam

    My name is Maryam Maryam. I am currently enrolled in the math 1275 class with professor Benakli. Reading the discription and then the article itself, I was fascinated. I love learing about new cultures and I believe that languge is an impoortant part of a culture. I am glad to be a part of the place(New York) which is so diversed. I didnt know about this diversty of languges at all, and to knbow about it now, I feel that I have some treasouress informtaion. Thank you so much for putting out this article for all of us to read. it was worth the time, and have some really cool information that is fascinating.



    There is no other place in the world like NYC…I love being here!!!



    Yeah, it’s interesting how many languages you can hear throughout the city, especially in Queens. I’ve had friends back in high school fluent in Cantonese and English, come from a pair of Spanish speaking parents also good at English, and overhear conversation in Japanese and occasionally Russian on the train ride to and from school. The area where I live in Astoria has Italian and Greek infleuence in one area, and Egyptian and Middle Eastern cultural hotspots in another, so it’s especially diverse.

    Also, this is technically my first post on here, I’m Mario N. Lopez from Professor Benakli’s Intermediate Algebra/Trigonometry class. Pleased to meet you all and I hope to remember to read/post more in the future.



    i would love to speak spanish maybe living in Bronx cultivate the love of that language.


    Baljit Kaur

    I agree queens has the most language diversity there are so many languages spoken here that it makes your mind fascinated and wonder wait what languages that. I for one speak almost 4 different languages myself.

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