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  • Questions on Shop Class
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    Carrie Hall

    Hey, everyone! See the Homework– this is where I would like you to post your questions on Shop Class as Soulcraft (below!)


    Haider Mahmood

    If people lose their jobs to technology what are we supposed to do in order to stop technology from taking more jobs?



    If technology is seen as “evil” and leads to the degradation of our work, why do we continue to rely on it when we have other options such as resulting back to shop class?


    Ahsham Nasir

    Why is it that blue collar jobs are not a preference in a world where technology is dominate, but blue collar jobs are the most paid jobs?



    Why limit students to just “brain work”? Many of us aren’t even interested in re-reading 12 pg article and yet we are subjected to the “way of the future”. Why not afford students a chance to chose the career path and offer classes to prepare us for that future as opposed to telling us where we need to be?

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    does manual work disappearing have an effect on jobs ?


    Giovanni Morales

    How can we show the people that blue collar workers are the real hard working ones since their work can be seen everywhere? yet they don’t get appreciated for it



    People learn in school how to follow career paths that they have been told are most ideal.How can we uncondition the students of today from a follower mind set?


    Angelica Salazar

    is there any other way that technology can be beneficial to blue-collar workers without actually leaving them without a job?


    Muhammad A.

    How can the school system be altered so that it favors students to learn and experience craft knowledge and manual trades along with the option of studying modern technology?



    have there been any successful attempts at integrating technology and workers without the need for a loss of jobs ?

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