General Education Committee Working Group 1: Faculty

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Planning meeting for IDS mixer – January 31, 2013

present: John, Nadia, Susan, Anne an expert to explain process get faculty in the same room to understand what colleagues […]

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Gen Ed Working Group : Engaging Faculty

Convener: John McCullough Recorder: Anne Leonard Members: Candido Cabo, Susan Phillip, Ben Shepard, Barbara Grumet, Anthony Sena, Nadia Benakli, Gwen […]

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Notes from Gen Ed meeting 12/07/12

Task 1: In order to assist with/support development of general education learning outcomes which must appear on course syllabi, this […]

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Faculty Working Group proposed activities

Activities: 1. Host interdisciplinary networking event to encourage development of new interdisciplinary courses. 2. Networking event will be supplemented by […]

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