General Education Committee Working Group 1: Faculty

present: John, Nadia, Susan, Anne

an expert to explain process

get faculty in the same room to understand what colleagues do

foster ideas/creativity for future course development

POTENTIAL DATES: March 8, 9:30-11:30 A632

need to inform department chairs

Ask for a rep from IDS Committee – Marta Effinger or Selwyn Williams? Candido Cabo?

name: Interdisciplinary Course Development Seminar (workshop?)

presenters from different LAS disciplines address/introduce

  • area of expertise
  • fundamental questions discipline attempts to answer
  • methods to answer these questions
  • broader impact of study in this discipline

How does this work?

  • Reneta – weird science
  • John – interdisciplinary team project
  • Nadia – will ask colleague about team-taught course w/other dept
  • value of co- or team-teaching to gain multiple perspectives
  • logistics of team teaching – sharing credit hours or guest lecture format



Put announcement of event on chairs’ meeting agenda through Bonne

Vinny email

Task list:

Nadia – will send invitation to department chairs

Anne – venue time and date: Friday 3/8 9:30-11:30 in A632 | update: David Turkiew confirmed that A632 is available; PN60 submitted at 11 am on 1/31/13

John – catering support from Provost

Susan – invite Marta to speak about interdisciplinary course development