Films from Literature ENG 2400, Fall 2021 OL 0550

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  • 8/25 First Class Presentation Questions
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    Steven Mendez

    1) Please write down at least three things that you liked about the video.
    I really liked and thought it was helpful how the narrator put descriptions during each video. I also enjoyed how the film showcased how computer generated effects can do many things such as apply a background to make the setting of the movie appear real, or change how a character looks. Last but not least, I liked that the issues in most of the clips are real world problems. Sexism, racism, and colorism are still huge in our society.

    2) Please explain at least three things you feel you learned or never thought about before.
    One thing i learned is the different type of shots that directors do for just one scene. Another thing i learned is how filmmakers use color to symbolize various things. Lastly, i never knew that CGI was used to finish the movie fast and the furious

    3) Please ask at least one question–and as many as you wish–about the content of the presentation.
    How long does it take to edit a movie back then ?

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