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  • "walk on By"/ "lone Ranger and Tonto"
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    “Just Walk on By”, Brent Staples
    This article is about a black male who lives in Chicago and deals with prejudice issues due to his skin color. The writing goes into more depth about discrimination and the negative outlook people have on black people in Chicago and in the United States. Throughout the whole writing, he brings up the fact that people move away from him whenever he walks by them and he gets avoided by people. He speaks up about the discrimination along with the habits people have created when it came to black people walk by them. Towards the end, he speaks about how people shouldn’t judge those around them and how not everyone is what they are heard to be of.

    “Lone Ranger and Tonto” Sherman Alexie
    This writing is written about Sherman Alexie and goes in-depth about what happened to him as he is an Indian Native. One night he went to a 7 Eleven store one night and he was accused of being a robber due to his race and skin color. The writing is used to speak up on the matter of how people use skin color to judge and criticize based on due stigmas that are stuck with people of color.

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