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  • The Declaration Of Human Rights
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    Article 19 insinuates that all humans should possess the power to freedom of expression and speech. Personally, I find the political debate of this law to be amusing as it reflects a larger phenomenon amongst society. Humans hold the desire to grasp and/or maintain control in order to acquire equilibrium. Though, our definitions of proper ‘balance’ differ, sparking outrage and debate between the opposing opinions. Freedom of speech is something that represents the ability to live a life that the individual can control on their own, without censorship. However, some believe that this censorship is necessary to avoid speech that obstructs peace and incites pain. Pain is relative to the person experiencing it though and words may be interpreted in a manner that differs from how it was intended. I believe that everyone should obtain the ability to express themselves how they want, regardless of good or bad intent. But, I can also acknowledge that this will create chaos within how intensely individuals are controlled by their government. A certain amount of power imbalance between the government and citizens is necessary to provide order but this doesn’t mean the public should be censored in what they say and believe. It should be a lesson, within their own individual experience, to develop an understanding of what a person should or shouldn’t say. People can decide for themselves what limitations their speech utilizes and what is deemed as “too far”. Article 19 coincides with my personal beliefs of what freedom represents but I am receptive to the opposing arguments since sensitivity and control are important for maintaining peace.

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