English 1101-0384

My name is Luis Salgado I am a freshman in college. I am 33 years old and I work full time. I have been a union carpenter for 13 years. I graduated from the New York City District Council of Carpenters which is a 4 year program. This program is one full week 8 hours a Day. They make you report to class every 3 months. Most of your training comes from working in the field. You most gain your knowledge of the trade from being at work and partially being in school. Starting pay was low and every year you complete you get a raise until you complete the program. Once you complete the program you are now considered a full mechanic. This is when you make your top pay. When you turn mechanic, you are now responsible to produce work at a fast rate this is how you keep your job. Being in the contracting business money for the owners of companies is made by having a good team who can produce at a fast rate and also being safe because the companies have a big payout for the insurance on the company.