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    Alexander Lumbres

    It was a normal day in primary school where I line up outside with my classmates to get ready to enter the school building. We took the initiative and went to our room and get ready for class. The day starts as normal, we get through each of the periods one by one as it was like any ordinary day till we hit the period before lunch. It is always the most energetic period and also laziest of all as everyone is anxious to leave the room and start our break by playing freeze tag or a sport. Once the period ended, we lined up to head outside the school building to the playground to start our journey in enjoying our 20min break. Once the 20min mark ended, we head over to the cafeteria to rest and eat our fill. It may be a normal day, but once our lunch period ended things took a surprising twist for me. Once we head over to our classroom, we ended up in our homeroom and started the last half of school with the rest of the classes.
    During one of the classes, my teacher received a call from the telephone line of the school, for what you may ask? It was about someone that is needed to be brought up to the assistant principal’s office and it was no other than me. I never did harm to anyone nor did I break any rules from the school and yet to be called to the principal’s office?! My teacher relieved me by saying that it’s nothing bad, but why send as young as me there? Nonetheless, I head over to the room using my prior knowledge of the school. Once I opened the door with pure nervousness and scares, I see my younger sister crying. The call wasn’t directed at me, but rather it was directed on my family’s behalf, it was an issue regarding one of my family members who seemed to be in some issue.



    This happened back in high school. in 11th grade, I got lucky and had one of my math classes with most of my friends. We would always goof around because we really didn’t think it was that important. I remember this moment vividly. It was 11:15, and our teacher was lecturing us about quadratic formulas. Then, the alarms went off, the ones that go off during school shooting threats. My friends and I weren’t worried because we had these drills once a week, and since it happened on a regular basis it wasn’t that worrying. But then our teacher looked at his phone and started looking very distressed. Another teacher texted him that someone called a bomb threat into the school and said there was a bomb inside the school. I remember my heart dropping, and I looked at all my friends and we just sat there in silence. I remember thinking to myself “I never actually thought I would experience something like this”. After some time, a bomb squad came in and searched the school, finding nothing. We all evacuated and were sent home, but this memory made me actually fear the horrors that happen during school shootings, and made me think that I or someone I know could get wrapped up in something like this, and their life could end in an instant.


    Stephany Pena

    I remember it was a weekend. I was at home, minding my own business. All of a sudden, there was yelling outside my window. There were two men yelling at each other. At the time, I didn’t know what the dispute was. I could only guess based on what the conversation entailed. I thought it was about an affair. One guy was yelling at the other guy, and kept mentioning his wife saying the other guy could take her but he would beat him up. They kept shouting obscenities at each other and threatening to fight each other. I didn’t like what I was hearing to the point where I didn’t know who was in the wrong here. I remember wanting to get the police involved since it felt like the conflict was escalating. My mom told me not to and for a while, all that happened was the two men just yelling at each other.

    Eventually, the other neighbors went outside their homes to witness the drama. The police managed to come by and try to mitigate the issue. They kept the two men separated but eventually they decided to get a bit more handsy. The police threatened to take everyone to jail if they didn’t calm down. Soon enough, the man left and the other guy and his wife went back to their home. Everyone dispersed, and a lot of thoughts kept running through my head. Thinking back on it, I should’ve called when the thought popped into my mind but I remember the reluctance. Not because of the conflict, but I was scared of what would happen if the police got involved. The police who came weren’t bad but the presence still made me feel uncomfortable. When I found out the conflict was about rent, I was not pleased at the way the men went about their issues to the point where they made a scene and got the police involved.


    Jennifer Sears

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