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  • Poetry Assignment Reflection
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    Jennifer Sears

    In a paragraph or two, identify and reflect on the two poetic forms you chose for this assignment. Why did you choose these forms for this subject? How did this form affect how you wrote about the subject? The forms we used are: abecedarian, pantoum, sestina, category/list poem, and free verse.

    This discussion board is worth five points and is due on Wednesday, March 6. More in formation is on the session follow-up notes: ENG 1141, Session 10 (March 4): Follow Up Notes and Homework


    Emma Piasio

    The two poetic forms that I chose for this assignment were pantoum and free verse. I chose to use pantoum for my poem about graduating because I felt like the repetitiveness of the pantoum would emphasize the feelings expressed in the poem. I was able to explain both of the emotions that I have felt throughout this process using the pantoum to connect the both of them together. I chose to use free verse as the poetic form for the poem about the advise my mom gave me growing up because it felt like the best option to express how the lesson she taught me impacted me. Free verse was the best option for me to include the different ways that she gave me this advice along with what the advice meant to me.



    The two forms i chose for this assignment were a free verse and a pontoum. Part partially because I figured a free verse would be the easiest form to work with, allowing me to explore more of my poem and give the idea I wanted to get across well. inherently the form is quite restrictive. When reading this book by Brandon Sanderson the main characters were on a boat and went serendipity. this ended up being an inspiration for my first poem. i feel like the word serendipity evokes the idea of sitting on a boat on the lake.

    In my second poem, I had the opposite mindset it was quite rushed as it was. so I made a pontoum which, because it is so restrictive, leads to simplicity in making a poem. you have a very clear idea of what the 4 stanzas will look like after making the first one. the poem was about my sister she approved of the poem so I cant say more than that



    I wrote one category/list poem about ten things I know to be true and a free-write based on the lyrics assignment. For the things I know to be true, the category form was the best since I was listing certain truths and facts which would then come together at the end for a specific point which I thought was really helpful since I was able to freely write without stopping.

    For the song assignment, adapting the lyrics and then removing the original text to fit together wasn’t easy but turning it into a free-write did make the lines that my group and I wrote more coherent. The words were flowing together better in this form and the theme about enjoying all that NYC has to offer despite certain factors came across to those who read it more efficiently. It also had some repetition which helped to highlight the topic of the poem and trace back to the song that it was originally based on.


    Selina Myrtil

    The two forms I choose to write for my Poetry Assignment is an abecedarian and a free verse. I chose to do the abecedarian because I knew doing that doing a poem A-Z would be hard especially from Q to Z but I was up for the challenge. I was also very hesitant as well because along with finding the words I also had to connect it to my story. But in the end I can say I did a pretty good job. I chose the free verse not because it was only easy but also that I wanted to write a personal story of my own and make others guess what I was talking about. And I did get the reactions and explained the purpose of it and they enjoyed it at the end. But I do feel like free verse I can pick my own topic and not something that’s given I think that’s a challenge for me.



    The two forms I chose to write were abecedarian and pantoum. The reason I chose abecedarian was because this was the first time I was introduced to this style of poetry. I liked the fact that it had a template and a rhythm to it which made it easy for me to organize my thoughts. I liked the challenge that came with finding words that started with each alphabetical letter especially since I had to research synonyms and other words to fill in the gaps. Doing this exposed me to so many words that I have never heard before or used before. It was hard getting it to relate back to my story but I enjoyed the editing process and tweaking my writing to find the perfect line. For my next one, I chose a pantoum because I liked the repetition and how the lines flowed with one another. My first poem was very serious so I liked that I could have fun with this one and rhyme with it too. The abecedarian was harder than the pantoum but overall I enjoyed the process of both of them.



    Poetry is a creative form of written expression. I decided to settle on writing free verse and pantoon poems. Both poems that I decided to write about are about meaningful topics that I consider close to me. Free verse poems are very personal and do not necessarily follow a specific criterion. Pantoon poems allow for repetition of every verse a second time.

    Both poems have their own way of using tone and language. In my free verse i settled on a song called pink + white by Frank Ocean and replied to my favorite lyrics of the song. In the end i created a poem dedicated to the universe. For my second poem I wrote a pantoon poem about sisterhood. This was one of my favorite poems to do because although there is a lot of repetition, as the lines start to repeat, they intertwine with each other giving stanzas and lines different meanings. The tone throughout my pantoon poem starts to change depending on the lines around them.

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    Hesler Garcia

    As I was writing Abecedarian: Cosmic Blink,” I was thinking about what it meant to be human. We are conscious matter from the universe. I particularly chose an abecedarian for this poem because I thought that the format, the alphabet, was a perfect example of what legacy we leave behind. Language and knowledge. In my poem I ponder about the idea of where we come from and the unknown inevitable fait humanity will one day in a far away future face. I thought that by using this style of poem, I could represent one of the most fundamental building blocks of humanity. In in simplest form, the alphabet can be often looked over and ignored, but without it we would not be where we are now. It is the basis of expression, communication, and way of recording history. I sort of paid homage to it.

    In “Pantoum: For Andy, my not so brother,”  I reminisce about what it was was growing up with one of my closest friends who became, in a way, family. The format of a pantoum is a series of quatrain. In other words, lines that alternate and repeat in each stanza. I thought that this was the appropriate format for me to use as it allows for the poem to mimic what I am doing in real life. I am remembering memories, and the poem is in a way remembering the same memories by bringing them back as we read through. It’s a simple thing that may not be noticed by readers, but I thought it was special that the poem mimics what I am doing through its format.


    Jennifer Sears


    These are very thoughtful reflections so far! There are reflections on style and form and reflections on why we write. If you  have not submitted the reflection, the discussion board will remain open through the end of the day today. Also remember, the Poetry Assignment is due on Blackboard by the end of the day today. Poems can not be submitted here.



    The two form i chose to write were free-verse and pantoum. For the free-verse I chose the song name “Somewhere we only know” by Keane. I like the song beacuse it’s makes me remembered about my childhood memories. Make me realize, how we used to be grateful about simple thing.

    For the pantoum, I chose relationship between friendship. After family the only realtionship that have biggest  in our life is friendship. My bestfriend is like my sister with extra blessing. Pantoum’s writing form makes it easier to describe my thought.



    The two poetic forms i chose for this assignment were sestina and pantoum. I chose these because i found them the most interesting and just out of the ordinary. At first i didn’t think they were gonna be poems that made sense but after writing it i think its a new form of writing for me. I used to hate poems especially writing them but this has shown me and easier and better point of view on it.



    For this assignment the two forms I’ve used are the pantoum poem and the abecedarian poem. I chose the abecedarian because it looked like a challenge and to me it’s a different approach to poetry. Plus this type of poem allows you to tell a full story and maybe even a resolve if someone wanted to which I enjoyed. As for the pantoum poem I chose it because I had completed it in class when we we’re assigned it to apply it to a relationship. So my draft was ready all I had to do was improve it and I enjoyed how the poem develops but also goes back by bringing two lines in the following stanzas.


    Erick C

    The two poetic forms that I choose for this assignment are Free verse and abecedarian. I wanted to do Free verse because I wanted to try to write a poem with no specific way that I had to follow, I could just express any type of situation. I choose Abecedarian because its very interesting to being able to hear a whole poem and not realize that each line was written in alphabetical order. The forms I used affected me when writing my poem by having it be a little more complicated for the story to make sense while using Abecedarian and with Free verse it was less restrictions.



    The two forms of poetry I chose for this assignment was sestina and free verse i wanna start by saying I feel drawm to the form of sestina because there alot of ways you can go about talking about your childhood in general I’m curious to see what direction i take when I’m writing i feel for talking about my childhood is somewhat touchy but i love poetry because its a different way of expressing your self …

    I chose the free verse form because I find it like a challenge often times when I write a poem I’m repeating words or trying to make the poem rhyme this is out of my comfort zone I like that when writing a free verse poem you’re supposed to basically write whatever you feel theres not much structure but from the examples I have seen the poems always end up having a flow to them and I would like to try to replicate that



    I chose to write an abecedarian, and a pantoum. I wrote the abecedarian because I think the form is interesting and special, as well as because of inspiration from the “dangerous animals” abecedarian, but I gave it a twist to make it unique. The reason why I chose the pantoum is because of the in class free write for the pantoum. In class I thought I had written a really beautiful poem, so I chose to edit it slightly and use that for the assignment.

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