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    Jennifer Sears

    See the instructions on this post under HOMEWORK:

    Session 4 Follow Up Notes and Homework




    A term used in multiple different ways. In sports specifically, G.O.A.T is an acronym meaning Greatest Of All Time. It can be used as both a fact and opinion. For example, in basketball the GOAT is often debated between LeBron James and Michael Jordan which are both factual and opinionated.


    Brianna Brand


    A term used in my COMD discourse community. To catch a hidden element within your work that could cause problems moving forward. In most cases, the “devil” would be common mistakes you’ve missed in your work.

    -Brianna Brand



    chipun kam

    n the world of online gaming, the word “GG” holds significant cultural meaning. Short for “good game,” it’s a phrase commonly used to express sportsmanship and acknowledgment of a well-played match. In the gaming community, “GG” serves as a digital handshake, exchanged at the end of a game to convey respect for opponents, regardless of the outcome.




    This term is used in the book community (usually online under videos promoting a book) in order to  determine if a book has a happy or sad ending. HEA basically translates into “happily ever after”. If one is interested in the book but doesn’t know if the ending is good or bad they’ll ask in the comments “is the book HEA?”.


    Jasmine Friday

    A term that I’ve heard quite often in the cooking community can be “this slaps” which can indicate the meal you prepared turned out to be well-received. This is one of the approaches in the cooking community that some people may use to voice their opinion or judgement on how they feel about your meal.



    One phrase or term that is used in the soccer discourse community is “Brexit Tackle”. Brexit Tackle is when a player goes in for a tackle typically only focusing on hurting or taking out the defender instead of trying to get back the ball.


    Jennifer Sears


    Great start on this board! There are terms related to sports, to cooking, and gaming. If you haven’t participated yet, please log in and do so before the end of the day!

    Prof. Sears



    A term particular to the gaming community is “AFK,” which means “away from keyboard. The term is used to simply let others know when you won’t be at your computer for a while and active in the game. Other players would say, “They’re afk” for their teammate or friend as well.



    “TTYL”, a term used when communicating through social media, and general texting from gen z and after. The term stands for “talk to you later”, it’s just a shortened term to keep the conversation short and brief. This term is only used when having an informal conversation, mostly between friends and co-workers.



    Concon/Konkon: For Dominican people, Concon is the hard part of the rise that sticks to the bottom of the pot. For my cousins and me, Concon means that “something is going on”. It could be anything, a lie, a situationship with someone, it’s basically when something interesting worth gossiping about is happening. When I first heard of this term it was one of my cousins who said it, and I caught the meaning right away because of what was happening when the concept was used (He was talking about someone we know, who was “dating” someone we knew, we thought). After that, we started using it more often and the meaning got sharper.

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    A term that is often used in my discourse community would be “cap”. The word cap was originally used to describe an accessory as in a hat on someone’s head. However in today’s generation we use this term as a response if we believe that someone is lying. For example if I were to tell a friend that I won the lotto and they believe that i’m not being truthful they would simply respond by saying cap which would indicate to me that they believe that i’m not telling the truth.


    David S


    This term is something most people use to describe an object, or anything else. This term means “Cool” or “Good” in a way. An example would be if your friend or someone has a very good outfit, you would say something like “That’s a Fire outfit” or “That outfit is Fire”. Of course this means that nothing is on literal Fire. If you were to use this with someone who may not be from this generation, they may not get what you mean and give you a confused face. Also, this can apply to a dish as well. This term just goes on anything that you think is Really Good or So Cool.


    Jennifer Sears

    My notes on Discussion Board 2 are here:

    Discussion Board 2 Notes: Mini Portrait of a Word

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    The word I choose to write a portrait of is the slang word DRID. It is used in many discourse communities mainly by inner-city urban teens. The word is used to describe a situation you are angry, irritated, or dissatisfied with. For instance, “I’m drid, I got work in the morning” is a good use of the word because it conveys to whoever’s listening that the person is angry that they have to go to work in the morning. It is synonymous with other informal language like tight

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