ENG1121 D435 Fall2019

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  • Due 5PM on 11/12: Analyze art projects
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    Amber Slater

    Hi all!

    For homework, please take a look at the “Stop Telling Women to Smile” and “Know Your Rights” art projects on the course calendar. Then answer the following questions:

    1. To what extent do you think visual art has the power to create social change?
    2. Pick one image from the two art projects that you think is particularly interesting or effective. Describe the image and explain what makes that image interesting or effective to you.



    1. I believe art has the power to create social changes. The reason for this is because art has the power to move people and offer new experience. I believe it motivates people to think about life more positively . It motivates people to attribute new meaning to life and existence.

    2. I chose “Stop telling Women to smile” . At first glance, the woman on the cover of the books shows a serious expression, most likely referring to a serious problem that the cover is supposed to portray. The large bold letters may represent the problem in summary, making the viewer easily notice the problem. The stone wall in the background may represent that there is a problem that has not been resolved for an amount of time. The color is dull, representing that the problem is dark, serious, and sad. After analyzing this piece of art, inequality is a problem and women should not be treated unfairly, but as equal to men. What makes this art work convincing is because it tries to convey a problem by showing emotions through the woman’s facial expressions and immediately showing what the problem is in big letters so that the viewer can easily understand.


    Brianna Bermudez

    1. I believe that visual art can greatly affect society’s view on social issues but, only when it is analyzed in a way. People can see art, especially in New York City but, we’re such a fast moving society so, people don’t really take it all in. Maybe in other places people really take in that kind of art but, here it’s difficult to do so. When it is analyzed and taken in i do believe it can create a change in heart for those individuals, because visual art is powerful when it comes to giving a message.

    2. The image I found most appealing is a “Know Your Rights” mural. The mural located in Hunts point stood out the most. It shows a police officer looking through someone’s personal belongings, a person recording the activity on their phone. There are words on the street in the mural that say “you have the right to watch and film police activity.” It’s effective to me because it’s eye catching and there isn’t so many words but, pictures. You can easily view the situation and how one might prevent police violence by knowing their rights and recording. I think it can set a good example for anyone who comes across this and really takes the image in.



    1. Visual art has the power to impact social change but its very difficult. One of my favorite artist Banksy is one of the few that I believe impacts social change. One of my favorite videos by him is : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zX54DIpacNE

    He shows that NYC does not get impacted by art unless there is a name tag on them. No one can tell that is Banksy art that is considered very hostile to political agendas. Which is why it is very difficult for visual art to impact social change.

    2. The mural with the image of a kid holding a phone is interesting to me. I believe it can prove to be an effective way to impact social change telling people that there is no harm in recording. On the other hand, it can prove to be ineffective because you create a bystander effect. The intentions of the artist is obviously to help fight against police brutality but it also can lead to people not helping. In a sense though, recording can be helpful.


    Janet C.

    I believe that visual art has great power to point out an issue. Visually the audience takes a look and begins to deeply reflect on the art. I believe that the audience who takes a look at art that is trying to point out a strong message may think and may also ask themselves “what can I do” the audience may also think what it would be like to be in your shoes, this creates union and society begins to stand up. For example in the art that we viewed, many women stand up and begin to tell their story (they are not alone) .
    One image that stood out to me was from the project stop telling women to smile, I really found the portrait posters powerful and the message they try to get across connects to many women who feel them same. It was a great idea to use other languages besides English


    Mykhal Parson

    1. Visual art is one of the top ways to create social change today. I feel that society today would pay attention more to something if it is visual rather than something composed of mainly text. Also, I feel that it is easier for things to spread on social media on sites like Instagram because of story posts and the infinite amount of users who can screenshot and post too. Images can also make people wonder more, or look deeper and research a topic.
    2. The images on “Stop Telling Women to Smile” are effective because they are very straightforward and black and white (no colors distract from the message of the image). Women are continuously harassed and sexualized by others via catcalling and being told things such as, “Let me see that smile”. People do not realize how uncomfortable it makes women. Another interesting aspect of these images is that they include portraits of real women. These images used in repetition can make people realize that women are more than just a body, and that they should be treated respectfully.


    Joshua V

    1.In my opinion I feel like visual art has more power than words and I believe that because rather you speaking on something I prefer to see it. That’s just my preference though and it just draws your attention and most visual arts have a deeper meaning behind every little detail.
    2. It’s not one particular picture that I like but the whole process of stop telling women to smile movement was amazing because it felt so raw and real. Throughout the whole process you somewhat get into the movement just be viewing these pictures. It’s effective because without a word you can see what they’re trying to get across.



    I believe that visual art is another way to convey a message or information, either positive or negative, of a specific situation in a society or environment. It allows people to understand more easily compare to reading a text. Visual art can create a powerful sensibility to people and help them to change their ideas or opinions about a bad situation.

    The images that I found most appealing is “Stop telling women to smile”. The color black and with make them more expressive (people don’t get distracted by looking at it, just paying attention with the art or the message that is conveyed). one picture says, in French, “Les femmes ne sont pas a l’exterieur pour ton divertissement”. the English translation is “Women are not out for your entertainment”. it highlights the harassment towards woman, just by looking the picture someone can have the nostalgia and feel sorry. The picture shows that how much painful or unfair is to harass a woman

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    Visual art I think works better than writing a big message. Small arts can speak a lot of words. It’s simple but effective. It can portray feelings, emotions that words can’t always show. That’s the beauty of visual art.

    The image “Fordham, Bronx” stands out to me because everyone needs to know this and should do the same when they come across a police officer. I like the message that is said on the Subway entrance. Talks about knowing your rights, where to go to find out more details and as people are questioned by the police the other person is writing the police’s information down. They’re aware that they don’t need to tell the police anything and can talk to the attorney. Pictures like this will open people’s mind and they won’t be as scared to come across the cops. Don’t have to answer what they ask for and you don’t have to get nervous.



    1) as someone who plan on being some type of artist, art definitely have the power to create a social change. If picture can say a thousand words than art can say a million. It can portray numerous emotions and can show what the artist is thinking and the message they are trying to convey

    2)the Fordham mural detail really stand out for me. I feel like Most people in my community dont really know the rights they have so either they go against what the 12 says or the follow blindly. It’s also kinda sad we got to the point when we got to do this. The image is basically a bunch of kids with a cop and the mural says dont tell them anything without a attorney which is a common thing the average citizen may not know so its completely useful

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