ENG1101 D340 English Composition I, SPR2015

On the first day of my English 1101 class, we were given a linked of a handout to read for the following class. So, I clicked on the linked and noticed the heading, “Critical Concept”. The first question that came across my mind was, “What does Critical Concepts have to do with writing?” I proceeded to read, then I came across  WOVEN: Written, Oral, Visual, Electronic, and Nonverbal.

Thinking of communication as in a written, oral visual, electronic, and nonverbal way, will increase one’s ability to communicate in a more effective manner. As a result, one would become a good writer, a competent speaker, visually competent, competent in using electronic, and able to communicate nonverbal through facial expression, body language, eye contact, etc.

At the end, thinking of communication as WOVEN will definitely make  a person a more effective communicator