ENG1101 Comp 1101 (D377)2 Sg2014

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    JASON FRANCIS DATE,03/03/2014

    This a painting.
    This is my photograph of a painting.
    A mortal warrior slaying a serpent in this painting.
    Symbolism, the serpent represents the struggles within mankind, while the mortal warrior represents the humanity that remains. The mortal warrior with his sword slaying the serpent represents humanity will to overcome the thirst of darkness. The color and the tone of the background of this photograph of a painting reflects a mood and accent reflective of this battle between this mortal warrior and the serpent, A dark gray cloud in the backgroend that speaks with a strong voice of the mood and attituedes of the current battle at hand, there is also a god like presence in character that projects the kind of strength that’s needed for this task at hand.
    I chose this photograph of a painting for my assignment because to me it symbolizes the struggles most individuals have to overcome for the sake of prosperity.
    the symbolism of a mortal warroir slaying a serpent is a goal everyone should aspire to attain within each individual selves. “SYMBOLISM”

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