ENG 2003 Introduction to Poetry

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    Dennis Betanco

    How did your understanding and appreciation of Lorca change between weeks two (duende) and three (cante jondo) last week and this week? Be specific and provide examples. You should write a few paragraphs here.

    Lorcas appreciation and understanding of these readings were at first very difficult for me to understand because i didn’t know when he was talking about reality or when he was talking about society and the world we live in back then. The environment Lorcas was discovering was a time not full of light and warm “cookies”, but a time of darkness and hardships from life experience. However, despite all of those things some how Lorcas seems to see the good even tho theres nothing but darkness that surrounds him.

    So i started to approach his readings with more of an open mind making the reading a bit more clear. So when i herd duende i had no clue what the class was taking about. I started to read his poems and do some research on it and duende loosely means having soul, a heightened state of emotion, expression and authenticity. This passion is communicated through art but also having expressed in a from of dancing and singing.However,where does duende come from? is comes from DEATH “all that has black sound Has duende”.

    At first i didn’t thin Cante Jondo was any much different then duende because of the singing and dancing, but cante jondo is a profoundly deep song that is expressed in chant, loud scream ultimately in music. The loud screaming is a from of representing all the dead (involving death like duende) ancestors and their heritage. However, deep song is also used to keep their heritage alive and the rising of souls to pass on to future generations using this method.



    As I stated in class, I found Lorca to be dark and depressing. The concept of “duende” was easy to master because I always believed that there were poems, songs and stories that caused you to feel something. A deep something that someone else may or may not understand. It could also be a feeling that you do not get initially but after experiencing life events and revisiting the poem, song or story, you have a new appreciation and understanding of it.
    While “Poet in New York” was dark, it was thought provoking. I started to think of my experience during and after 9/11. The sadness, gloom and despair that was evident as I returned to work and the city tried to regroup and accept the new normal.

    “Everyone understands the grief that comes with death
    but true grief is not present in the spirit.
    It isn’t in the air or in our lives
    or in these terraces full of smoke.
    True grief that keeps things awake
    is a small infinite burn in the innocent eyes of other systems.”

    Cante jondo was putting a name to something that I heard my grandmother sing when I was little. I never knew what she was singing but I knew that whatever it was, she felt the words. It was an easier concept for me to grasp and open up to.

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