ENG 1141: Intro to Creative Writing, Fall 2020

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    Jennifer Sears

    Use the instructions for the Participation Activity on the TO-DO List for Thursday, Sept. 10.

    To-Do List, Session 5: Thursday, Sept. 10

    This activity is due by 10 am Tuesday, Sept. 15 for Participation Credit. Have fun!



    Imagine living in a city where there are no busy buses or trains, constantly people walking up and down the street and hot dog stands on each corner because I can’t. Jay-z stated, “Grew up in a town that is famous as a place of movie scenes noise is always loud, there are sirens all around and the streets are mean”.Brooklyn New York is where I am from and anything is possible. Where I am from there is not a single plot of open land my city is full of houses, apartments, shopping centers, and markets. Where I am from you can travel the train and be aware to expect a talent show of singers, musicians, and dancers performing in ever other carts. Where I am from there is street art on almost every corner.
    An example is the mural of The Notorious BIG on the corner of Fulton and south portland. Where I am from there is a place called prospect park where families have picnics and festivals are showcased. Brooklyn is known for Coney Island which has the Cyclone which has been around since 1927. Brooklyn New York is saturated with people of different cultures, backgrounds, fashions, and talents. Where I am from if you can make it here you can make it anywhere the sky isn’t just the limit there are endless possibilities.



    Where I’m from Southside Jamacia, Queen’s yea It’s CRAZY! Nikki said it, And If I’m not careful, the people there can hate me. Jealousy is what I seen to be the reason people even pay attention to me. Nevertheless, the love still there in the neighborhood, where the bodegas make your chopped cheese tasty and where you can hop on a bus and get a ride for free! But don’t be hasty, keep your guard up because at night that is where it gets FREAKY. No, I don’t want to sound scary, but I know it best, so I gotta let you know you feel me? I’m standing right outside of Baisley, Queens, yea it’s CRAZY!



    I really like your poem, that you can make it anywhere in Brooklyn and have all the possibilities to make it. I love your description of the trains and the musicians that you see on the train and the houses and apartments around you. It is true that there is no large open space in Brooklyn. Your poem is awesome.


    Oscar Ramirez

    Meeting people from outside the city it is always the same “Where are you from?” or “What part of New York City are you from?”. Like people say “If you can’t tell by the way I talk then you sure as hell better check by the way I walk”, I’m from New York City more specifically the Bronx, like Jennifer Lopez once said “No matter where I go, I know where I came from (from the Bronx!)”. My neighborhood is full of culture and diversity and I wouldn’t have it any other way. A bodega in everyone corner selling the best meals for the best price. Where the Mexican lady is selling elote loco(crazy corn) from her stand and the Dominicans are blasting their music at full volume from morning till nightfall. When cookout are done on the side walk rather than at some park. The walls are tagged by local gangs marking territory and hearing the neighborhood drunk telling tales, but come night time its when the streets get active. People tell story of the horror from the Bronx how crime is high here people getting cut up for no reason, getting mugged for their valuables but what you expect from a place like New York City, its the city that never sleeps there is always something going on here. Look up at the sky but all I see is pitch black why look up when the city shines brighter than the stars.


    Elizabeth Mathews

    He comes from the same town I come from yet our worlds are so different. Where I come from my world isn’t so pretty. He wonders why I’m aggressive and so on point. It’s because I’m from the 20’s and he’s from the 60’s. We come from the same place but our sides are different. People come here for the beach and the beautiful scenery but when you get to the backstreets its barely ever so pretty.
    When you come see me on one side of the street you hear the viejo’s playing their Hector Lavoe and Fania All Stars and on the other side you hear Chinx and Stack Bundles.
    249 – the building where everything happens. The viejo’s play their music and play their dominos, the gangs work their corners and everyone moves in hopes that this moment won’t be a “the wrong place at the wrong time” moment. Growing up and living on my side of town teaches you a lot and gives you every reason to push yourself to succeed so you can get out.
    The smell of beaches and high tide is a smell that always reminds me of home. The beach is just around the corner and is my escape from the madness.
    Far Rockaway.

    Oscar Ramirez – I love how you described the Bronx because it’s the best way to describe NYC. Our city isn’t an easy place to live and forces you to grow up quick but It does have it’s beauty.



    Responding to people with the question, where are you from? all I see is surprised facial expressions. Where I’m from, the culture is very diverse. We hear Latin music from one street and traditional Asian music on the next. Where I’m from, we hear sirens and airplanes often. We notice our essential workers enter Elmhurst Hospital and hear children playing at the parks. Where I’m from, people love to be a part of it. Just like from the song “New York, New York”, Frank Sinatra states “I am leaving today, I want to be a part of it”. Where I’m from, the city lights are always bright like stars in the sky.

    Elizabeth Mathews – I like how you wrote “We come from the same place but our sides are different”. I think that it says a lot about NYC being a very diverse city.


    Andy Escobedo

    recently witness the shooting of an acquaintance, where crime is never-ending.this place is for the poverty where illicit activity is occurring. Where im from, nearby the 4 train and the busy street of Jerome Ave. The Bronx where the side burns with many conveniences stores like clothing, furniture, and supermarket.The place breaths culture but sometimes I like to venture around jumping between boroughs like the surprising Asian atmosphere of china town in manhattan or crossing the Brooklyn Bridge on foot. Where im from you can walk in multiple public parks such as the beautiful Central Park.Where im from the city is always roaring to a place to go in the vast space of New York City. However Where im from at night you look up to the sky and see the reflection of the city lights.

    Danhyanerrera- I enjoy your response to how sometimes Neighborhood can be sometimes toxic “Nevertheless, the love still there in the neighborhood” but there is some positivity from caring people in the neighborhood and it’s not all that bad.


    Steven Bachoo

    In my neighborhood I live in Ozone Park, Queens. In this type of neighborhood we have a lot of food places. And also I live where the train is. It’s not far to walk from my house. I have a lot of buses around in my area and commuting from my house is not a problem. We live around a lot of grocery shopping places in my neighborhood. Where I’m from we have an area that deals with the same culture that we have. My culture is Hindu and we have a lot of places like that around in my neighborhood. The culture around in my neighborhood is a lot of what goes on in Queens. The traffic though is very intense especially in the afternoon since we live right by a school. We just have to be careful when we are driving on the road even during the night time.

    Lina – I liked how you described the neighborhood of Brooklyn. And how anything can be done to get anywhere to be. The part I loved the most was how there is talent everywhere you in Brooklyn.


    Alex Cheung

    Where I’m from is Brooklyn. A place with a bunch of diversity. Everywhere you turn, you see a new face. A bodega on almost every street corner selling groceries, snacks, and drinks to the local residents. The parks filled with kids enjoying the sun playing games, running around, playing with each other, having a blast. The culture around my neighborhood is a huge melting pot of many cultures. At night, everything is dead quiet except the occasional cars passing by and some late night meet ups at the park. Once in a blue moon you will have music blasting all night keeping everyone awake throughout the night. Looking up at the night sky, dark with white glowing dots.

    Steven Bachoo – I liked how you described you neighborhood in detail by describing how busy it is and what cultures make up your neighborhood. The part I loved the most was where you wrote about traffic, that is an issue anywhere in New York.


    Ray-Ana W.

    Brooklyn New York at the edge of East Flatbush. If I said where I’m from a car crash, shooting, or even being chased by cops could happen would he wanna known where im from. Where I’m from a parade happens every year. Where I’m from people of different cultures intermingles with each other. Where im from privacy is optional with noisy neighbors. Where I’m from we learn about the difference within ourselves and how to love ourselves. Where Im from they are buses all around that lead you to where you wanna go. Where Im from the houses are made of brick and stay together like siamese twins.Where Im from we learn to stand together as a community. Where Im from when society gets a kick at seeing us suffer but we never stay down. Where Im from we work hard so the next generation doesn’t have to. Where I’m from we fight for equality and safety in the streets. Where Im from equality to the ignorant means the same as being shot by cops in the streets. In the words of Tupac’s song “Changes” “I see no changes, all I see is racist faces. Misplaced hate makes disgrace to races” Where Im from when we try for a change we get told we ask for too much. Where Im from the number of black lives lost is like the stars in the sky.
    Oscar- I liked how yo tell us about the diversity in your community and the ending referring tho new york as the place that never sleeps.


    Jamyl Capellan

    I see spanish Harlem, I wondering if she can see it the way I do. See the people the way I do, I see scared faces, false personas and years of abuse. I see loud neighbours who don’t know that people are listening, who pretend everything is okay when you see them. I wonder if she can hear the laughter coming from the park across the street, the bright yellow monkey bars you used play on after school, the sun shining of the metal slides, the heat coming of the black matts on the floor. I wonder if she can see the changes from day to night from light to dark the flashing red and blue lights that shine through the curtains. I wonder if she see the eyes watching as I walk home every night, the fact that my mind floods with endless thoughts of danger as I walk past groups of people standing in front of apartment buildings, I wonder if she can see the kid who smells of smoke and has trouble breathing. I wonder if she can see the lack of trust written across peoples faces as they laugh with their so called brothers. I wonder if she can see the nice old man who smiled at you get robbed in the cover of night. Can she see all the eyes look away as though it didn’t happen. “I see it, then I don’t act like im blind.”(lil baby)



    Dahyanerra story on where shes from was really interesting I actually could imagine the scenery around me and believe it or not queens shares its similarities with Brooklyn. Though I’m not a big fan of chopped cheeses I have a lot of friends that do eat it regularly lol.


    Orion McCaine

    I was born in Manhattan, but I was raised in Harlem. You see, that’s how we claim our piece of the city. When the rest of the city calls out their borough- Brooklyn, the Bronx, Queens, we call out our hood’s name- Harlem. Though the summer is starting to wane, the mini bachata concerts just move from being blasted out of someone’s car to blaring out of an open apartment window. You can get some of the best soul food you’ve ever had at Amy Ruth’s and take a trip to the Apollo Theater and maybe be a part of a historical evening. Or, maybe these days, it might be better if you took that order to go so you can catch the sunset from the roof of my building.


    Hernan Marquez

    Where I am from, Corona Queens, a very diverse, busy and noisy area, I still manage to learn many things from my surroundings. Every morning, many hispanic people rushing to work holding a hot or iced coffee in their hand. Where I am from, you will notice many hard working individuals trying to make a living from selling food or treats on the side walk. People around you judging your appearance as you cross the street, every direction you turn you see new faces. Sometimes you can’t really take a walk anywhere without buying a drink or grabbing quick bite. For some reason, there is always something to do when you are in a busy area like mine. Where I am from, there is unlimited transportation such as trains, busses and taxi. In this type of neighborhood there are a lot of food places that are from different cultures, so it can be hard deciding what you want to eat today.
    Jamyl Capellan- I really like how you described every situation vividly, and the different kind of people surroundings in different scenarios. I feel you gave the perfect idea of where you are from.

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