ENG 1121 D476 Fall 2019

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  • Due 5PM on 11/10: Genre analysis of your mentor text
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    Elliot Vidalon

    For my remix project, I’ll be doing a comparison between the varieties of DAWs (Digital Audio Software) available by comparing its accessibility, trend use, price, benefits, etc. The purpose for writing this topic is to discuss something that I’m able to fully explain due to my experience as a music producer. This writing is for musicians who are interesting for working with electronic music, hip-hop, dance, etc and exceeding their music style to the next generation. Especially for those who are looking for a recommended DAW software to start up by knowing its functions, program understanding, benefits, features, etc. Some rhetorical appeal that I will be using is mostly logo’s because comparing certain tools will require facts and ethos to persuade musician to expand their musical creativity to the next level. I will be using visual sources as the mode for this article. I should mention that I will be using websites from official shops and DAWs comparison to add on my contexts.



    I am going to create a photo essay for my multi modal remix. Common elements of photo essays are that they provide images that shows the point that they are trying to get across but also present writings.
    I chose humans of New York Instagram page as my mentor text. The purpose is to post relatable stories from people around the world. The audience are people that use Instagram and whoever they share it to. The rhetorical appeal mostly used is pathos. Visual and written mode, the media is posts on Instagram. The writing is non formal and personal. Pictures are used and there are no outside sources, mostly opinions and experiences.


    noura asad

    The genre I will use for my multimodal remix is a photo essay. The mentor I chose is humansofny off instagram. His purpose is listening to random people’s stories of their life or problems they are going through currently, with a goal to change their situation. His audience is the public and his many followers on instagram. His rhetorical appeal reveals pathos, since his posts tend to make his viewers emotional. His instagram page is multimodal because his mode consists of visual and written. He takes pictures of people he talks to and writes what he heard from them as a caption. His style of writing is pretty much the same for every post, because he includes quotes as the captions since it was said by the person he posted about. His design is filled with people he interviewed to show their stories through pictures. He doesn’t include sources because it’s something he is doing on his own, people and their own true stories.

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